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Tomato Roses: How to Make Your Own

Tomato roses are fun and really simple to make. I never realized exactly how simple until I made one myself. Once you know the simple technique to make these you will want to make more.

Tomato roses are fun and really simple to make. I never realized exactly how simple until I made one myself; the one in this picture was my first attempt. Once you know the simple technique to make these you will want to make more.

Step 1

To begin you want a good sharp knife. Remove the stem core from the top of the tomato with the tip of your knife. You want to cut a thick slice across the top of the tomato about ½” thick, but do not cut completely through the tomato. You want to leave one side of the tomato slice attached. Where the tomato slice is still attached, carefully begin to peel around the tomato (with top still attached) until you have a nice long strip of skin that is about 1” wide and approximately 12’’ inches long. (This may sound complicated but the hardest thing to accomplish in making these is being able to peel the tomato with the top still attached to the peeling. This is best accomplished using a very sharp knife.)

Pic #1 first cut

Pic 2

Step 2

Once you have the top part of the tomato with strip in tact you are almost finished. The rest is a breeze. You want to start at the tip of the tomato peeling and begin to gently twirl the peeling in a spiral working your way toward the top of the tomato slice and then gently slide the twirled peeling on top of the slice attached to the end of the peeling. The top is used for the tomato rose’s pedestal.

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 5


The peeling will be slippery and hard to hold. I found the easiest way to do this next step is not to hold it in your hand, but to place it on a countertop and work with it there.

Once you start and practice on a few tomatoes, you will be totally amazed how simple these little babies are to make. This is one of the most simple garnish tricks you will ever learn how to make!

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Comments (12)

I love this one Eva...stumbled.

How fun! Your instructions and pictures make this look so easy.

lovely tomato roses! make excellent decorations on dining tables. voted up!

You described this artful process well. Promoted.

Ranked #2 in Food & Cooking

I love this.

I love this idea, it would look superb on an antipasto. +1

Some good ideas. I love tomatoes, didn't know that it can also be artistic, thanks.

I used to work at a resort and garnished with tomato roses I made. Loved your article and photos! Promoting!

Tasty, beautiful, I don't know how to describe... Thank you Eva.

Neat, and awesome photos to accompany the instructions, whcihc makes it much easier to follow.

Very interesting, well written and illustrated share. Thanks

Very cute, well explained and nice photos!