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How to Eat Real Russian Caviar:

This is how to eat Russian caviar from beluga sturgeon with a mother-of-pearl spoon on bland crackers.

A friend that lives in Russia recently sent me a small bottle of caviar for Christmas that naturally didn't arrive until New Year's just in time to usher in 2011. Beluga caviar is prepared from the roe of Sturgeon a type of large fish that lives in the Caspian Sea. The caviar came in a small glass bottle containing perhaps around 30 g of this Russian delicacy. Caviar is black in color and is extremely salty with a faint taste of fish in the background. Altogether though, it is quite pleasant to eat.

Caviar is usually served in a bowl made of crystal, glass or porcelain arrests on a bed of crushed ice, are in a special caviar server equipped with a tiny spoon that is not made from silver or stainless steel (the metal in these can contaminate the caviar giving it a teeny taste). The usual practice is to serve caviar with a molar of parole or gold spoon, but you can also use a spoon made from horn, wood or glass. It don't use plastic is just plain too tacky!

When you are eating caviar you start by putting about 1 teaspoon of caviar on to your plate.

Caviar should be spread over dry or lightly buttered toast points more over unsalted, bland crackers.

Some people like to squeeze a drop of fresh lemon juice onto their caviar.

You can eat it plain or with a garnish that is typically made from crumbled hard-boiled eggs or chopped onion.

Caviar should be eaten while you're drinking champagne, ice cold vodka for some chilled white wine.

There is a very traditional Russian recipe for eating caviar at some whole wheat pancakes that are called in Russian “Blini” with a dab of sour cream.

Tips and Warnings:

There are several tips and warnings that apply to caviar before it is eaten, and if any is left over how to deal with the leftovers.

There is even an etiquette involved with eating caviar this dictates that you should only take a small portion of this really expensive delicacy.

Whenever you are storing or serving caviar it should be kept at temperatures in the range of 26 and 32°F.

It is highly recommended that you eat the whole tin of caviar at once.

If you must store caviar once it has been opened, wrap it tightly in plastic, and turned tin over solely oil remains evenly distributed.

You should use unsalted butter on the toast points because caviar itself is salty.

Many people feel that garnishes can ruin the flavor of caviar unless you want to stretch out the supply or you are eating some variety of caviar that is not of the best quality.

Many people feel that you should only use lemon juice when you are eating the lower grades of caviar.


How to Eat Caviar,

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