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How to Make Buko Pandan

Buko pandan salad is a heavenly dessert consisting of pandan- flavored gelatin, young coconut and cream.

Pandan is a tropical plant. In the Philippines, it is usually added to the rice and water mixture during cooking to add aroma to the rice. Buko on the other hand is a young coconut. When mixed together, it would become a tasteful salad treat. Buko pandan salad is a heavenly dessert consisting of pandan- flavored gelatin, young coconut and cream. It is usually served as a dessert during special occassions such as birthdays, christmas, fiesta or christening. This salad originated from Bohol province of the Philippines and I thank them for introducing this delightful treat. Having a sweet tooth myself, I don't mind foregoing the main course just so I can have more room for Buko pandan.

What more, Buko pandan salad is not so hard to prepare. Your family would surely appreciate you when you serve this wonderful dessert for dinner just because.

So here is how to make Buko Salad:


5 pcs. Pandan leaves, thoroughly cleaned

2 young coconuts; cut into strips

Coconut water (when you buy coconut from the wet market, ask the vendor to cut open the young coconut and request for the water to be saved into a separate container)

Water (in case the coconut water is inadequate for the gelatin preparation)

1 cup refined sugar

4 packets of green colored gulaman (gelatin)

4 packs Nestle Cream

1 can Condensed Milk

Buko Salad Preparation:

If using the gelatin sold in bars, the approximate ratio of a bar of gelatin to water is 1:4. If you use the powdered form of gelatin, simply follow the instructions in the box to prepare the gelatin substituting the water requirement with coconut water.

1) Pour the coconut water in a pot (add water in case the coconut water is not enough for the right consistency of the gelatin) and add the pandan leaves.

2) Bring to a boil and then simmer for about 20 minutes.

3) After about 20 minutes, add the gelatin to the coconut water and pandan mixture stirring constantly.

4) Pour the sugar carefully into the simmering mixture, stir well until it dissolves.

5) Once the mixture slightly thickens, turn off the heat and then pour the mixture into shallow pans. Allow to cool.

6) Once cooled; cut the gelatin into cubes.

7) Finally, mix all the other ingredients i.e. young coconut strips, Nestle cream, condensed milk and the gelatin in a bowl.

8) Put in the refrigerator to cool

9) Enjoy with family and friends.

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Nice work Marie...stumbled.

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Thanks Ron!