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Recipe: Indian Spicy Curry Potatoes

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This spicy curry potato recipe is special because of the aromatic combination of Indian spices, and the spices can be used in any number of ways, not just with potatoes. To make curry I use the same spices in almost the same way, just adding meat instead of or as well as the potatoes and adding a chili to make it even more spicy. Not only the spices can be used for different dishes but you can also use these Indian spices on any form of potatoes. I have made this same recipe with boiled potatoes, roast potatoes and mashed potatoes.

Do not be scared off if you haven't used these spices before, simply buy them and you will probably end up using them in many meat and fish dishes as well.

For curry spiced potatoes you will need:


Mustard seeds

Cumin seeds




Curry powder


Optional chili pepper

salt and pepper

recipes indian potatoes

How to make Indian spicy curry potatoes:

Put a drop of oil into a saucepan and fry your chopped up onion. Don't let it burn just let the onion go glossy.

Add the crushed garlic.

Add the mustard seeds, curry powder, salt, pepper, malsala and cumin seeds. Let the seeds and spices sizzle until you hear the mustard seeds popping. Again as with the onion be careful not to burn or overcook them as they cook very quickly.

Note: Curry powder- you might find several types of curry powder in the store, if so try combining a little of each to get even more flavor. Masala itself is a mixture of spices and can sometimes come in the form of a paste (such as Vindaloo masala). IF you can't find masala use a few varieties of curry powder instead.

If you have chosen to make your Indian spicy potatoes even hotter, add the green chili chopped up very finely.

Add chopped up coriander and continue to stir the spice mixture for about half a minute.

Once the spice and curry mixture is ready you can use it in several ways:

Peel and cut potatoes into large chunks and then boil them. Once the potatoes are boiled and the water drained add the spice mixture and mix well. You may want to add butter, or oil to make the mixture smoother.

Another way of preparing spicy Indian curry potatoes is to boil the potatoes as above but once you have drained them mash the potatoes and then add the spices.

The peeled and cut potatoes can also be baked in the oven mixed in with the Indian spice mixture. This method of preparing Indian curry and spice potatoes takes the longest and the potatoes may need to be in the oven for an hour on 200 degrees centigrade.

Try using these Indian spices and curry on meat or as the basis of a curry dish. The original use of this spice mixture was in Indian potato balls. To make the potato balls boil and mash the potatoes and then make balls of mashed potatoes the size of golf balls. The spicy potato balls are then dipped in a humus batter (made with humus flour, salt and turmeric) and deep fried. I adapted the recipe to avoid the deep frying and found that the potatoes are just as taste without the additional batter.

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Comments (6)

Love the curry spice, thanks Petal.

I love Indian food and i am very fond of the curry. Will definitely try this one out. Thanks for sharing.

Ranked #2 in Food & Cooking

My husband would love this I have got to try this one. I will let you know how it goes.

Sounds yummy!

michal kadoshi

hi i live in israel and would like to know where in israel i can buy indian curry pastes and spices.i've heard there is a market in asdod but where i don't know .i live in askelon and we just love our curries.the shuk here only sells fake curry not the real item.please help .thank you .

Ranked #10 in Food & Cooking

I know there is a store in Ashdod, I'll try and get the name for you, but I use the spices mentioned above which are not stricktly "Indian " spices and they make a great curry. I have also bought fake curry powder in the past, very disappointing. Try asking for Masala instead.